So we did do some more Kin’garoth progress this week, but no extra raid-day. And it went decently I suppose, though slightly disappointed I can’t be talking about killing him. To be fair, I was part of the problem there, for some reason played rather terribly that day even though I don’t believe I directly caused any wipes, just unecessary deaths on my own part. Still we managed to get to 30% which is definite progress and already in the zone where the fight “starts for real”. But there still isn’t much more to the fight, it’s just that there’s more damage coming in and more orbs to dodge. So the fight is a bit more interesting than I thought, but still feels rather simplistic.

There was a slight error in my earlier post however, namely which buff the boss becomes depends on which add is killed last, just that our ordering was that sometime after the 50% mark we got the empowered bombs. Doesn’t really change any of my feelings regarding the fight, since it’s the order we played in that I was evaluating, but important to correct false statements.

Now with regards to searching for a new guild, I’ve added a few people and sent one application in. We’ll see how those leads pan out, they all seem like good guilds so hopefully one of them ends up interested and interesting. I’ll keep up a passive search for new guilds of interest looking for healers, see where that leads as well. At least I’ll be aware of my options. When that doesn’t end up working out I’ll be faced with a hard decision since I might end up considering just taking another pause which I don’t really want to do but going on as is doesn’t really feel motivating either—hopefully I don’t have to think about that, there’s time still.

Also it seems patch 7.3.5 will be releasing this week, which I suppose will mean a new Mythic+ seasons with the change to how Combat Resurrection works. Unfortunate timing in that sense, haven’t really done any mythic+ this season, at least nothing of note. Understandable with looking for a guild and so on and the season will probably be the shortest yet in that case, but still annoys me slightly.

Won’t even be able to take advantage of the leveling changes really, since I’ll probably be mostly interested in leveling one of the new allied races rather than one of the “old” races but those aren’t coming with the patch—probably with the Battle for Azeroth pre-patch for those who have preordered. Maybe I’ll end up leveling something anyway just to try the changes, but nothing really comes to mind at the moment that I don’t already have at a somewhat high level.